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The Avaya B100 Series makes the conference room phone easier to use—and smart enough to deliver true productivity-enhancing features.

Easily deployed on your network, the B149, B159 and B179 phones are quick to install and compatible with Avaya’s flagship collaboration solutions for any size business. Solidly constructed, these phones include intuitive keypads to make accessing features and functions a snap.

1. Crystal Clear Audio

Never miss a second of the conversation with OmniSound™ audio technology—the 360-degree surround sound and speakers optimize audio pick-up and broadcasting.

2. Plug and Play Simplicity

Connect to a telephone line or your IP network and a power supply. It’s that simple.

3. Built-in Efficiency

Access web-based applications or the corporate directory to quickly launch calls. Bridge up to five people or locations. Expand to a Bluetooth headset, PA system, or microphone.

Hear Every Word with OmniSound™

Avaya’s exclusive OmniSound technology produces pure high-definition sound. Full duplex operation allows sound to be transmitted and received simultaneously to prevent audio clipping for frustration-free collaboration.

OmniDirectional Microphones

Ensure high quality sound with 360-degree OnmiDirectional microphones that cover up to 750 square feet. Add more for bigger rooms or for more participants. Expand to a Bluetooth headset for a speaker or a PA system for a large group.

Reduce Background Noise

Advanced suppression filters virtually eliminate background noise, and a built-in equalizer lets you easily adjust sound quality to your preference.

Save Time with the Built-In Conference Guide

Set up and administer conference calls quickly and easily with the built-in conference guide. Set up regular team calls—save them, and quickly access them again with the touch of a button.

Easily Record Calls

Insert an SD memory card in the built-in slot, and record on the fly. Share or archive the call to a PC or another device.