We approach a project from multiple angles simultaneously. Using our Functional Boundaries & amp; trade; approach, each functional angle of the project is sought and meticulously documented. This document lays the first layer of the projects foundation,using which additional layers are built.These layers include the technical details, quality control strategies, project staffing, acceptance and delivery details among others. Deeply interlocked into each other, every individual boundary document compliments another and ensures that information is always available at every stage in development.

We at Anigo Infosystem define quality with customer success and delight. It is how successfully and timely we are able to develop and implement solutions for our customers. The direct measure of our quality is the degree to which we meet our customers requirements and exceed their expectations. We have always believed in the principal of promising what we can deliver and then delivering more than we have promised to ensure that we achieve not just customer satisfaction but customer delight.

This has been depicted by the number of orders and service from Existing Accounts we have obtained from our customers. As we strongly believe that quality speaks for itself we do not promote ourselves heavily through sales activities, most of our clientele is by means of word of mouth and references both nationally and internationally.