Put collaboration tools in all your users' hands, no matter which smart phones, desktops, or tablets they’re using. Get audio, web, and even video conferencing, so you can call a meeting and everyone can connect.
Let your users focus on meeting purpose and content—instead of logistics. Calendar integration lets people easily schedule and join meetings. Participants know and control what's happening in the conference thanks to the easy-to-use Avaya interface.
Taking conferencing in-house saves service provider and network trunking fees. It can also significantly reduce your WAN usage and costs.

1. Never Worry About Availability

Conduct hundreds of conferences, bringing thousands of people together to collaborate simultaneously. You don’t need to think of conferencing ports as a scarce resource anymore.

2. Save Serious Bandwidth

When you have multiple participants at the same location, send just one copy of the same audio and video traffic across your network instead of one per user.

3. Simplify Your Life with a Single Conferencing Platform

Use one platform to host meet-me style conferences, or initiate ad hoc multi-party interactions from your unified communications experience using voice, content sharing, and video.

Make Your Meetings Easier to Plan, Faster to Start, and More Secure

Add conference logistics to your meeting invite with the click of a button, and just click to join when the time comes. See a real-time roster of participants to eliminate those repetitive roll calls, and let everyone will know who is speaking and where any disruptive noise is coming from. Let anyone share content or capture notes, action items, and questions. Allow meetings to continue even if the host leaves. Make your meetings more secure by using your own system not shared with any other enterprise, and when necessary, locking the conference so no one else can join.